[Advaita-l] Mayavadam

srikanta srikanta at nie.ac.in
Tue Nov 16 22:30:02 CST 2010

IMO, we should sincerely search for truth. If Isvara, Jiva and Jagat
are unreal ultimately according to Sankara, then it is mayavadam. Such
a philosophy is an obstacle to bhakti because of the knowledge that
only till we live that we will devote and that too only for his
anugraha for mukti. One may get mukti but will lose Isvara, who is
greater because he awards mukti and importantly laughs and dances
eternally with muktas as stated in sastras.

Shankara never says that,Ishwara,Jiva and Jagat are unreal,in the sense
they donot exist.He only said they have relative reality.Vyavaharika
satyatva.This is not Mayavadam."Mayavadam asat sastram praccanna
bauddhamishyate,"so says the Padma purana verse.Shankara says,these are
mithya,which doesnot mean asat.It means it has only apparent reality.

Adwaita doesnot say in the state of mukthi,Ishwara will dance with all the
mukthas,as Vishistadwaitins say.When a seeker said to Ramana Maharshi,that
the devotees will reach the vaikuntam and get "samipyam" with Lord
Vishnu,he remarked,"Do you think you can stay in Lodges built in Vaikuntam
to have a darshan of Lord Vishnu"?

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