[Advaita-l] Question on Mayavada.

srikanta srikanta at nie.ac.in
Mon Nov 15 06:36:26 CST 2010

In his Email antharyami(Devanathan) says that the real mayavadin is
Ramanuja the founder of Vishistadwaita.In his SriBhahya,which is the only
major book he has written(he has not written any commentary on
he has devoted most of his Sribhashya on refuting Shankara.he makes
Adwaita as the "Mahapurvapaksha".He has not done much of examination and
analysis of other Darshanas,so meticulously as Shankara does.he means
"Maya"as sakthi which has peculiar power to create from the Lord.He has
reserved most of his work only on taking only Upanishadic passages which
are convenient to him nor has he tried to substantiate his view.It is
doubtful whether a Bodhayana existed.From the analytical point of view he
has very little to offer unlike Shankara,who takes his analysis to a
logical conclusion.The padmapurana verse is clear that it has been
interloped at a later stage with a view to create mischief.

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