[Advaita-l] status of Yoga etc.

srikanta srikanta at nie.ac.in
Mon Nov 15 06:06:54 CST 2010

Dear Friends,
there are several Upanishadic verses which upholds Jnana over Yoga etc.
"Na anya panthah vidyate ayanaya" so declare the Upanishads.In the
Bhagawadgitha,the Lord says,Jnani ca mama priyah,that he is closer to
Jnana.The same Lord declares,"Sarva karma khila Partha Jnane
parisamapyate",all karmas end with the Jnana.there are plenty of verses in
the Upanishads and the Bhagawadgita that Karma is binding,and is given a
lower status.Krihna advises Arjuna to do karma,in this case to fight the
war,because Arjuna is confused.One has to do karma to obtain
citashuddhi,then "cittashuddhi dwara Jnana".This is of lower status than
the Jnana.No where in the Bhagawadgita,Yoga is extolled over Jnana.Besides
the word,Yoga has different connotations.It may mean Patanjala Yoga,it may
mean Yoga in Astrology(Yogasca karanam caiva......),etc.One has to
understand the word with reference to the concept it is used.

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