[Advaita-l] Vidyaranya and vedanta deshika.

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On Sun, 14 Nov 2010, Sunil Bhattacharjya wrote:

> Thank you for this clarification. I understand that before leaving for 
> kanchi he Madhava (senior) had another Guru, who sent Madhava (senior) 
> to Kanchi and as Kanchi was a seat of knowledge for both he Advaita and 
> the Ramanuja schools at that time, both these stalwarts, Madhava 
> (senior) and Vedantadeshika might have come into contact at kanci, 
> despite belonging to different schools and they had friendsip with  and 
> respect  for each other.

It seems rather dubious to me but as I have not looked into the subject 
deeply I won't comment further.

> It appears  it was Madhava (senior) and not the 
> other Madhava,  who was the adviser (and also called the minister, as 
> the ministers had the advosry roles) to Hukka and Bukka.

No although this family were connected to the Vijayanagar court, Madhava 
Mantri is yet another person all together.  He is the author of the 
commentary on the Suta Samhita which is often wrongly ascribed to one of 
the other Madhavas or Vidyaranya.  But Madhava Mantri belonged to Angirasa 
gotra whereas the other Madhavas belong to Bharadvaja gotra.

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