[Advaita-l] Vidyaranya and vedanta deshika.

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Dear Jaldharji,

Thank you for this clarification. I understand that before leaving for kanchi he Madhava (senior) had another Guru, who sent Madhava (senior) to Kanchi and as Kanchi was a seat of knowledge for both he Advaita and the Ramanuja schools at that time, both these stalwarts, Madhava (senior) and Vedantadeshika might have come into contact at kanci, despite belonging to different schools and they had friendsip with  and respect  for each other. It appears  it was Madhava (senior) and not the other Madhava,  who was the adviser (and also called the minister, as the ministers had the advosry roles) to Hukka and Bukka.


Sunil K. Bhattacharjya

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> Moreover,Vidyaranya in his "sarva Darshan
> sangraha"specifically mentions Vedanta desika by his personal
> name,Venkatanatha(that the tenets of ramanuja darshana must be known only
> from venkatanatha's granthas.Vidyaranya has not mentioned so specifically
> with reference to other darshanas in his review,notably in Poornaprajna
> Darshana.

There is some confusion about several members of one of the most illustrious Brahmana families in Indian history.

Madhava was the author of works on Dharmashastra (Parashara Madhava, Kala Madhava) grammar (Madhaviya Dhatuvrtti), poetry (Shankaradigvijaya), the adhikaranas of the Mimamsa sutras) (Jaiminiya Nyayamala and self-commentory called Vistara) and adhikaranas of the Brahma sutras (Vaiyasika Nyayamala and Vistara.)

Madhava took sannyasa under the name Vidyaranya and ascended to the Shringeri Pitha.  He wrote many celebrated Vedantic works such as Dipikas on the major upanishads, tika on Aparokshanubhuti of Shankaracharya, Jivanmuktiviveka, drgdrshyaviveka, vivaranaprameyasangrah etc.  In conjunction with his guru Shri Bharati Tirth (his predecessor as Shringeri jagadguru) he wrote Panchadashi, the most influential Advaita work of the medieval period.

Madhava's brother was Sayana acharya the authoritative commentator on Shruti.

Sayana had a son also named Madhava and it is this junior Madhava who is the author of the sarvadarshanasangraha.  The author mentions his father in shloka 3 (shrImatsAyaNadugdhAbdhikaustubhena) and shloka 4 (shrImatsAyaNamAdhavaH) atleast.

So maybe Madhava senior and Venkatanatha were classmates but it is not proven based on this evidence.

-- Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar at braincells.com>
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