[Advaita-l] Vidyaranya and VedantaDeshika

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> Regarding you other point regarding Vedanta Desika being a clasmate or
> known by Vidyaranya,there be no need for any political implications nor
> compulsions.Vedanta Desika who studied at Kanchipuram when Vidyaranya was
> a disciple of Vidyateertha,need not be a disciple of Vidyatheertha.Both
> might have studied other subjects like Kavya or mimamsa or other subjects
> common to them.Moreover,Vidyaranya in his "sarva Darshan
> sangraha"specifically mentions Vedanta desika by his personal
> name,Venkatanatha(that the tenets of ramanuja darshana must be known only
> from venkatanatha's granthas.Vidyaranya has not mentioned so specifically
> with reference to other darshanas in his review,notably in Poornaprajna
> Darshana.

No - he mentions Madhva specifically by name and also his theory that
he is the third incarnation of the the wind-god. He also mentions
Ramanuja specifically by name with regard to the vedaartha sangraha.
AND he begins his summary of the Madhva system by specifically calling
out Madhva by his name Anandatirtha. And in the Raseshvara darshana he
specifically calls out the names of their authorities govinda bhagavat
and sarvaj~na raameshvara. AND in the nyAya system he specifically
calls out sarvaj~na, pakShila-svAmin and udayana. And so on and so on.
Perhaps all of them were class mates at kaanchiipuram? Must have been
a stellar class indeed - not to mention that they must have been
students spanning many centuries.

If you have studied"Sarva Darshana sangraha"by vidyaranya you will know
exactly where Vidyaranya uses the names of Vedanta Deshika as
venkatanatha.He specifically says,the details regarding the Ramanuja
darshana should be known from venkatanatha's books.He has not used asking
the readers to refer to key granths from other darshanas.For instance he
has not used the name of Jayatirtha or any other madhva scholr's name to
For your information,the madhva books aboud in mythological stories,madhva
coming from vayu god(when all of us are born from the pancabootha
tattvas)'Your other books published from Choukambha series and referring
to nyaya system  etc.donot have basis from Sarva darshana sangraha".
Your ridiculous comment that all of them must have been a stellar class
and they must have been students spanning many centuries,and that they
were playing Goli and Gilli in the dusty strrets of Kanchipuram is
uncalled for and sounds more unscholarly in this forum.If you have studied
"Sarva Darshana Sangraha"carefully,then comment.If not,leave it.

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