[Advaita-l] Vidyaranya and vedantha Deshika

srikanta srikanta at nie.ac.in
Fri Nov 12 05:43:06 CST 2010

And by the way if someone thinks that using Venkatanaatha instead of
vedaanta deshika means that they were intimately familiar, or they
were playing golii and gillii in the dusty streets of kaanchiipuram
when they were young, rest assured it is not the case. Most of the
colophons in manuscripts refer to the work as that of venkaTanaatha -
as can be seen from the editions printed by caukaamba and so on.

As Vidyasankar remarked, politics seems to be the key here.

whether they played Goli or Gilli as the above subscriber says,I will
leave it to the facy of the above subscriber.It is striking in the
"sarvadarshana sangraha"if one has studied it.Normally,no Adwaitin has
written such a compendium of all the other darshanas,and if Vidyaranya has
done it he was familiar eith the authors of them.Needless to criticise

presents Adwaita at the end of all the darshanas.It is also true that all
of the names quoted existed.


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