[Advaita-l] A request.

Vidyasankar Sundaresan svidyasankar at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 11 14:06:40 CST 2010

Dear Sri Srikanta,
Your suggestion is already covered under point no. 8 of the list policies as detailed in
http://lists.advaita-vedanta.org/lists/. That is why I merely posted the link and didn't
specifically mention it. This is part of the sAmAnya dharma of the list and is expected
to be followed by everyone. The request to limit the number of posts sent to the list is
not explicitly covered in the list policies, therefore I wrote about that separately. 
I can well understand that one often gets carried away by the heat of a discussion, but
we should all strive to shed more light than generate heat! Civility and focusing on the
issues being discussed rather than personalities goes a long way towards that ideal.

> Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2010 16:49:46 +0530
> From: srikanta at nie.ac.in
> To: advaita-l at lists.advaita-vedanta.org
> Subject: [Advaita-l] A request.
> Dear vidyashankarji,
> I saw in your Email that all the list members should try to send only few
> Emails.Agreed.I also would entreat you to send an attention notice that no
> list member should indulge in personal attacks such as,you are
> confused,you are ignorant,you don't know.etc.but,instead confine
> themselves to serious discussions of the topic if they mean meaningful
> discussions in this list.
> Regards, N.Srikanta.
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