[Advaita-l] Nirgrantha.

srikanta srikanta at nie.ac.in
Thu Nov 11 04:12:17 CST 2010

sri sunil Bhattacharya,

This is one of the examples and evidence to show that how you jump in
haste without going fully into my replies.I said that,jainism was without
any grantha or book,that is why it is called "Nirgrantha".i.e.it doesnot
have a book.I am more inclined to believe that it has come from
Hinduism.you are coming to a hasty conclusion that I mean Nirgranthi
nataputra,who was a person.

Coming to the statement of Thevenin's theorem,it is stated as follows:

"In any linear, bilateral network,the current in  or voltage  across an
impednce is calculated,by taking the open circuit voltage(which is called
Thevenin's voltage)by considering the voltage source, taking into
consideration its internal resistance,and finding the total resistance
across that terminal,the total resistance being calculated by looking back
in to the network across the open terminals towards the voltage
source,considering all the reistances along with the reistance removed to
find the voltage or current."

This is a voltage point of view (Voltage generator)of Thevenin's theorem,
there is current point of view as current generator,called Norton's

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