[Advaita-l] questions on Mayavada.

srikanta srikanta at nie.ac.in
Thu Nov 11 03:55:13 CST 2010

Sunil Bhattacharya,
I am not bringing either sankhya and Yoga into the discussion
because,these systems are rather crude.You yourself accept that these
systems donot come to the vedantic level.

you have brought the name of Madame Blavatsky,who along with Colonel
Olcott founded the Theosophical society.She was said to be a clairvoyant
and founded the esoteric section at adyar,Chennai,then Madras.many
disciples jpoined the society and became Theosophists.in her time many
frauds in the name of clairvoyance and philosophy has occurred.Later annie
Besant with leadbeater took charge of TS and built the adyar Library,which
has impressive collection of rare books.later,she groomed,J.Krishnamurthy
to become the world teacher.But,J.Krishnamurthy in 1930's after the death
of his younger brother,Nityananda broke away from the TS and setup his own
foundation,the krishnamurthy foundation.I have attended many of his camps
and engaged in discussions with them.

It may be true that Buddha out of compassion for animals might have
criticised the Yajnas and the priests.we know from history that Buddha was
highly compassionate.But,killing of animals in Buddhism and eating the
flesh is not prohibited.But,in jainism it is prohibited.I consider that
compassion,and non-killing are the greatest contributions of Buddhism and
Jainism to Hindu religion."Nindasi yajna vidhe... the ashtapadhiby
Jayadeva glorifying Buddha,is a beautiful song,sung by
M.S.Subbhalakshmi,and also dr.M.BalamuraliKrishna.

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