[Advaita-l] Questions on mayavada.

srikanta srikanta at nie.ac.in
Thu Nov 11 03:32:48 CST 2010

sunil Bhatacharya,
you have now descended to the level of hurling accusations at me without
finding any way to defend yourself.I have explained already why I
mentioned Jainism.You only pickedup a word,"Dharmakaya"and went on a
rheotoric on that word,which was not necesary.Now again and again you are
harping on that to escape from answering.I have come to know that you are
a historian aband a bad one at that interested only in chronology,which
have no way of verifying.I am not interested in them.I am interested only
in Siddhantic concepts"on the various systems.I must say that you are very
much ignorant of these concepts,as it has come out in the discussions.
An eminent professor in Buddhist studies,Prof.Peter Della Santina,has
proved based on archeological evidences,says that the Indus valley
civilization was immense and very advanced and was stable for thousand
years.Then came the aryan invaders.The Indus valley civilization was
advanced and agrarian,the Aryans were nomadic and pastoral The Indus
valley civilization had a written language which we have thus far been
unable to decipher.Nonethless,our knowledge of civilization is derived
from two reliable sources,the archeological discoveries at Mohenjo-daro
and harappa,and the written records of the Aryans,who described the
religious behavior and beliefs of the people they came to
dominate.Archeological excavations have revealed a number of symbols
important to the people of the Indus valley civilization.the religion of
the Indua valley civilization contained several important elements.First
of all meditation,or the practice of renunciation-that is to
say,abandoning household life and living the life of a homeless ascetic,or
mendicant--was also common.It is clear that there was some conception of
rebirth or reincarnation occurring
 over the course of countless number of lives,and a sense of moral

responsibility extending beyond this life--that is to say,some form of the
conception of Karma.Last,there was a paramount goal of religious
life--namely, the goal of liberation,of freedom from the endless cycle of
birth and death.These were the outstanding features of the religion of the
earliest civilization of India.
Where as in the religion of the Induas Valley civilization the ascetic was
the preeminent religious figure,the aryan religious establishment the
priest was by far the most important.where as in the religious value
syatem of the   value system of the Indus valley civilization renunciation
was paramount,in the value system of the early Aryans the most worthy
state was that of the family man,or house holder.Where as in the religious
culture of the Indus valley civilization the value of progeny was not
emphasized,for the early Aryans progeny,particularly sons,was the highest
priority.The religion of the Indus valley civilization emphasized the
practice of meditation,while the Aryan faith relied on the practice of
sacrifice,which was its primary means of communicating with the
gods,securing victory in war,obtaining sons and wealth,and finally
reaching heaven.While the religion of the Indus valley civilization
included the conceptions of rebirth and karma,the early Aryans had no such
conceptions.The religious culture of the aryans was characterized by two
elements unknown and foreign to the religion of the Indus valley
people.The two elements are caste--that is to say the division of society
into social strata--and belief in the authority and infallibility of
revelation,in this case the ancient scriptures known as the Vedas.the
religious culture of Indus valley civilization didnot accept those
conceptions,and they remained constant points of contention dividing the
two major religious traditions of India.

I would like to pointout that You donot know how to discuss.You get easily
workedup and expect that the other party should accept whatever you
say.You start hurling accusations and digress from important matters.You
are a poor conversationist and highly impatient.One must have an open mind
to discuss inthis forum.
It is good that you donot want to continue the discussion with me.


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