[Advaita-l] questions on mayavada.

srikanta srikanta at nie.ac.in
Wed Nov 10 04:56:27 CST 2010

Sunil Bhatacharya,
Your statements are really unbecoming of your stature and age.I donot
intend to coverup, much less tell lies.I have already explained that my
mention of Jainism is only incidental and has no bearing on the discussion
to this topic.You are still not explained what is Dharmakaya from your
references,or what reference book you quote for your definition.In the
discussions of this type,one is required to provide the references.Your
statements of  coverup,you are not knowing,etc.are unbecoming of a
scholar.Also,You are not Shankara or I am not Mandana Mishra as you have
mentioned to Sri Shivasenani Nori.One requires deeper study than what you
have expressed in your discussions.My advise to you is if your discusions
is to be meaningful,be precise,donot harp on one point of the other
person,and concentrate on factas,rather than history which has no way of
verifying and without clear evidence.
sincerely,                                             N.Srikanta.

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