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srikanta srikanta at nie.ac.in
Wed Nov 10 04:45:36 CST 2010

Dear sunil Bhattacharya,
Donot put words into your mouth unnecessarily.If you speak descending to
the personal level,I too would have to do that.So,confine your discussion
to the topic.I said that  am not interested in history or the
chronology,because we cannot verify them.there is no ned to call other
list members.In the course of you discussion,you have also brought many
irrelevant and immaterial points for which I have not objected.I mentioned
Jainism only incidentally.there is no need to get workedup on that.For
your information,words like Pudgala,Dharmastikaya also occur in Jainism as
also Buddhism.the name Pudgala is used alternatively to nirmanakaya.I know
that jainism is "Nirgrantha".That makes it still older.In Ramayana also we
find mention of sramanas,Arhats and Vishnusahasranama
mentions,asrama,sramanah,shantah,.....But,we donot see the mention of
Buddha in Ramayana which is declared to be oldest text,nor even in

In your mention of Thevinin's theorem,it is not simply looking back,but
looking towards the source from the open terminals from  where the load or
any resistor is removed,and removing the source and shorting the terminals
wher source was there,and calculating the Total resistance.Then including
which was removed and finding the Thevenin's resistance.The current
through the resistor which was removed is equal to the source voltage
divided by the total resistance.The voltage will be the product of the
current foundout  and the resistance.
So,even in Thevenin's theorem there is a method.

Sincerely,                                             N.Srikanta.

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