[Advaita-l] Sal Mubarak 2067

Venkatesh Murthy vmurthy36 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 9 09:07:06 CST 2010

Namaste Sri Vidyasankar

> Such jingoism is meaningless. Anyone who wants to "cleanse" all Indian languages of words
> from middle Eastern languages should also first drop English completely and insist on writing
> and conversing in Sanskrit or Tamil, the two most ancient Indian languages.

This is a different case. When you are doing Puja you have to say
mantras in Sanskrit only not English or Persian. Will you say God
understands all languages let me say in Persian ? We are not secular
in these activities. We believe God is pleased by Sanskrit only not
others.  Posting messages here is like that. Theoretically all
messages must be in Sanskrit but all do not understand so we write
English. We can accept it as common language for practical purpose.

When a person sends New Year greeting in Urdu it is bad because here
some people do not understand Urdu . He should have used Sanskrit.  He
should have used English a common language of the list members but
Urdu is outrageous. It reminds us of very bad things.

> FYI, if  you listen to discourses given by contemporary Sankaracharyas, they freely use words
> like Sawal and Jawab interchangeably with praSna and uttara, or ghabar interchangeably with
> bhaya. Many other such linguistic examples can be cited. They do not insist upon only Sanskrit
> derived words in common vernacular usage.

They use the words because all people in the audience in that area
like North India understand them. Will they use Urdu words in front of
a English speaking audience?  Will they use it front of a Tamil
audience ? Please think.



> Regards,
> Vidyasankar
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