[Advaita-l] Adwaita and God.

srikanta srikanta at nie.ac.in
Tue Nov 9 06:03:11 CST 2010

Dear Vidyashankar,
I am surprised with your Email.Iam not wantonly bringing these legends,but
I have to bring them if some subscriber to this list bring some irrelevant
stories like Krishna lived several millions before Buddha and the
like.Compared to these,my recounting of the stories on Gaudapada has some
value historically to establish Gaudapada's time and his contribution to
Adwaita,when numerous stories abound regarding misconceptions of Adwaita
"Praccanna bauddha"and misconceptions on Gaudapada and his Karikas.

You have said that the story that Vidyaranya and VedantaDesika were
classmates at kanchipuram is not true.One must study the "Sarva Darshana
Sangraha"of Vidyaranya.Under Ramanuja darshana Vidyaranya says the details
of Ramanuja darshana must be known from Venkatanatha's seminal works on
Ramanuja Darshana.If Vidyaranya had not known VedantaDeshika personally
well,would you think Vidyaranya would say this in his "Sarva darshana
Sangraha".Certain stories or legends which are interesting must be taken
at their face value or leave it.Arguments about them are futile.

Regards,                                              N.Srikanta.

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