[Advaita-l] Yogavashishta and gaudapada karikas

srikanta srikanta at nie.ac.in
Tue Nov 9 05:43:30 CST 2010

Dear sunil Bhattacharyaji,
Inspiteof my explanation that Vedanta and Yoga are different systems you
keep on repeating that both vedanta and yoga are necessary.I again
say,Vedanta is a fullfledged system and doesnot require the prop of
Yoga.Vedanta depends on sravana,manana,nidhidhyasana.It doesnot need
dhyana also as sen from the discussions in "naishkarmyasiddhi"by
Sureshwara.Shankara in his Adhyasabhashya explains at length that the
brahmajijnasa only involves discrimination between Atma and anatma,the
Self and the non-self.It doesnot involve any other kriya or action.If one
has come to the point of enquiry,what is needed is the removal of avidya
by sravana itself.So says, Adi Shankara
Bhagawathpada.Katha,Maitrayana,(which is not a major upanishad)doesnot say
Yoga is involved.Both Shankara and Sureshwara follow Gaudapada in this
aspect.After saying Yoga is like drying the ocean drop by drop with a
blade of grass,:

"Utseka udadheryadwat kushagraikabinduna!
manaso nigrahastadwadwavedaparikhedatah!!"Karika 41 of Adwaita prakarana.

Insisting that Vedanta requires Yoga also as a supplant to it shows that
one has not followed Shankara.

Regards,                                           N.Srikanta.

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