[Advaita-l] Questions on Mayavada.

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Dear Srikantaji,

So conveniently you disclaim what you yourself said that all the three states are Dharmakaya, whereas what I understand is that only the last kaya is  Dharma kaya. Please be honest.

Hope you will find time to tell us how do you think that Jainism preceded  Buddhism.

Sunil K. Bhattacharjya

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Dear Sunil Bhattacharji,
If "Dharmakaya"is not all the states,why doyou bring "sambhoga kaya"etc.in
you reply?.Say only mental kaya or Bodhikaya is Dharmakaya.It is only you
who is bringing unnecessary terms.Also give references to your reply.It is
very important to substantiate your reply.Jainism too say on similar
lines.In vedanta,Jnanakara or Dharma is said to be like the

Gaudapada in his first shlokah of "Mangalacarana"to his IV th
Prakarana(Alatashanti prakarana) offers obeisance to Narayana who is
Purushottama by the following slokah:

Jnanena akshakalpena Dharmanyo gaganopaman!
Jneyabhinnena sambuddhah tam vande Dvipadam varam!!

"I offer obeisance to that Best among the Bipeds(Purushottama,Narayana)
whose knowledge is like the sky(akashakalpa),who knows (sambuddhah)the
beings(Atmas,Dharman),non-differentiated from the objects(or what is
seen,Jneya,which are again like the sky."

It is said by Gaudapada that did tapas in the Badarikashrama for long and
Narayana,the Purushottama appeared before him and gave him the
Prasada,Narayana prasadat, he composed the Karikas.Gaudapada is the
disciple of Shuka Maharshi,the son of Veda Vyasa,who composed the
Bhagawatham. Anandagiri in his tika corroborates it.

This is the highest truth of Adwaita which says that whatever we see is
Brahman.'Sarvam khalu idam Brahman",Atmaiva idam sarvam,Aitadamyam idam
sarvam,Omiti idam sarvam,aham Brahmasmi,prajnanam
Brahma,Tatvamasi,Ishawasya midam sarvam,etc.
Regards,                                             N.Srikanta.

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