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On Wed, 3 Nov 2010, V Subrahmanian wrote:

> There is a famous verse of the Bhagavatam which Advaita Acharyas quote:
> AtmArAmAscha munayaH nirgranthA'pyurukrame
> kurvantyahaitukIm bhaktim itthambhUtaguNo hariH
> Those sages who revel in the bliss of Atman and are devoid of any need for
> books [are free of all knots, liberated], express devotion to Lord VishNu
> for no reason whatsoever (seeking nothing in return).  Such is the
> immaculate glory of Hari.
> Will anyone give Sridharaswamin's commentary on this verse?

I would like to but once again I face the problem that most sanskrit books 
do not have indexes.  Can you tell me which skandha, adhyaya and shloka it 

In the vedastuti there is a similiar shloka which I translated as follows:

tavAttatanoshcharitamahAmR^itAbdhiparivartaparishramaNAH |
na parilaShanti kechidapavargamapIshvara te
charaNasarojahaMsakulasa~ngavisR^iShTagR^ihAH || 21 ||

"Having with great difficulty attained GYAna through swimming the ocean of 
stories of the deeds of Your forms taken to provide instruction in the 
nature of the self, there are a few who do not even wish for liberation. 
Why then would they desire such things as the position of indra? Instead 
they prefer to leave their homes and live as swans amongst the lotuses of 
Your feet."

I mentioned that Shridharacharya says that it is the paramahamsa sannyasis 
who are already jivanmuktas who live like this.  He explicitly quotes 
Shankaracharya in this regard.

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