[Advaita-l] YogaVashishta and Gaudapada karikas.

srikanta srikanta at nie.ac.in
Mon Nov 8 01:30:31 CST 2010

Dear Sunil Bhattacharji,
I am presenting my discussions with evidence.The Verse  in the Gaudapada
karikas,Viz."Adavante ca yan nasti...." is not found in the Bhagawath
Gita.Do not say some thing which cannot be verified.Further,Bhagawath Gita
contains verses which are not polemic,and Yogavashishta also doesnot
contain verses which are not polemic.Though Yogavashista has the term Yoga
in it,it is not patanjala Yoga and we donot find any concept or stanzas
which are in Patanjala Yoga.

Though Gaudapada Karikas say about the Yoga,Gaudapada says that the
Practice of Yoga is like emptying the mind like drying the ocean drop by
drop with a blade of grass.Gaudapada quotes a story in "Titipokhyana",in
which a bird,
Titipa which has layed eggs on the shore of the ocean,tries to dry the
ocean drop by drop by emptying the ocean drop by drop with a blade of
Kusha grass.Literally he taunts those who believe naively that they can
control the mind through Yoga.Read further the Karikas,and Gaudapada
explains how futile the control of the mind is.Donot come to a hasty
conclusion without further reading the Karikas.

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