[Advaita-l] Yogavashshista and Gaudapada karikas

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There could be some truth in it. Yogavashishta was known as Mokshopaya in
its early form. The dating given to Mokshopaya is around 10th century CE.

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> Dear sunil Bhattacharji,
> In yogavashshta we find many slokas which we find in Gaudapada karikas.For
> instance the following slokah is found it both the books:
> Adavante ca yan nasti vartamanepi tattatha!
> Vitathai sadrshah santah avitatha iva lakshitah!!
> "That which doesnot exist in the beginning(past) and in the
> end(future),doesnot exist in the present(vartamana) too.Being
> unreal(vitatha) as it were,they being regarded(lakshitah) as if
> real(avitatha)"
> we see this slokha in both Yogavashishta and Gaudapada karikas.It is
> dificult to place the dates of these books,or may be that it has been
> taken from a original book.Prof.Atreya has written a theses on the
> Yogavashishta,and in that it is his opinion and also some scholars that
> Yogaashishta came later to Gaudapada Karikas.(Vide Prof.Atreya's book).
>                                                             N.Srikanta.
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