[Advaita-l] Adwaita and God

srikanta srikanta at nie.ac.in
Sun Nov 7 01:19:46 CDT 2010

Dear Sunil Bhattacharji,

!)Iam really sorry to say how erroneous your understanding my views are.I
never said that Bhagawadgita was a primer to me.It is a primer or a manual
for everyone who wishes to start the study in Vedanta.Bhagawadgita is the
first book to be read by every Hindu.Do you now understand?
2)Definitely Vedanta and Yoga are diferent.I have explained that Shankara
has clearly explained in his Brahmasuta bhashya.Hatha yoga or Yogasana is
to keep the body fit.Patanjali who wrote the Mahabhashya also wrote on
Ayrveda.One has to keep one's body fit.That is why yogasanas are practiced
like an excercise.If Yoga is to be supplanted with Adwaita(vedanta) then
either Shankara or his disciple Sureshwara would have said it.But,there is
no sign of it in their books.Moreover it is not one matra or one and a
half matra is OM as you have said.It is unique to only Mandukyopanishad
that the AUM kara is defined in terms of the matras and the padas.A kara,U
kara and the M kara are the matras of it,and Jagrt sthana,svpna sthana and
the shushupti sthana are the three padas.They are synonymous with each
other.Kindly study the Mandukyopanishad.In it Ishwara corresponds to M
matra and the Shushupti state.The Turiya ia without matra and Pada,because
it encompasses all the matras and the padas,like a "Karshapana".A
is a coin in ancient days,a quarter of it,corresponds to 25%,the secnd
quarter another 25%(addition making 50%).another 25% making 75%,and lastly
another remaining 25% making the coin a whole.In ancient monetary
system,this was in circulation.
3) Dear Sunil Bhattacharji,the place of Mandukyopanishad and Gaudapada
Karikas cannot be ignored or overlooked by a student of Vedanta.There are
many books written on them,and it is imperative to study them to
appreciate its rightful place in the study.

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