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Dear Srikantaji,

Thank you for telling about you.  I hope we will be able to exchange our views on Indian philosophy in future.

Lord Rama, in the Treta yuga,  told Hanuman  that if one wishes to read only one Upanishad then that should be Mandukya. This shows his importance of Mandukya . The discourse on the Bhagavad Gita was given by Lord Krishna towards the fag end of the Dwapara yuga . Today if it is possible to ask Lord Rama then my guess is that he would probably  advise one to read the Bhagavad Gita,  if one wants to read only one book.


Sunil K. Bhattacharjya

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Dear Sunil Bhattacharya,
It is nice to receive your Emails.Iam glad that you are from Assam,and you
know Bengali,and that you are now in US.Well,Iam not an historian,but have
suffcient knowledge of history to follow the developments of
Buddhism.There are many loose ends to be tied to before we come to a
rightful conclusion.I am not the one to believe like the Westerners that
different systems of Indian Philosophy compete with one another.I have
read the translations of Shankara's Brahmasutra bhashya and the SriBhashya
of Ramanuja by Thibaut to understand how erroneous his conclusions
are.But,the westerners are more analytic in their approach as we see their
interest in our Philosophy,and the number of books they write on it.In the
catalogue of Motilal Banarsidass,more than 90% of the books published is
by Westerners and foreigners.I am glad that you have presented a paper on
the times of Buddha and Kanishka.We know that after the split of Buddhism
in the 1st council of Kanishka,Buddhism split into Hinayana and
Mahayana.It was Hinayana which spread to SriLanka.It was known as Teravada
or sthaviravada.This is considered to be the original form of
Buddhism.Buddhism spread to the Northern states of
Bengal,Orissa,Andhrapradesh,where Nagarjuna lived in  now
Nagarjunakonda.Mahayana had different streams.Dharmakeerthi was the
maternal uncle of Kumarila Bhatta.

Iam a Professor in Electronics in an Engineering college in Mysore.I
developed deep interest in Philosophy right from early days of my
youth.Few years before I studied Mandukya Upanishad and Gaudapada
karikas.I studied a book"Agamasastra"of Gaudapada traslated by
Vidushekhara Bhattacharya published by University of Calcutta in 1943.I
saw many erroneous conclusions by him,as he interpreted the Karikas from
the point of view of Buddhism.I am writing a book analysing these points
and is in the final stages of completion.
Well it is nice to know about you,and look forward to exchange views on
Philosophy in future.
Regards,                                           N.Srikanta.

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