[Advaita-l] Questions on Mayavada.

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Dear Srikantaji,

By any chance you wish to ignore the concept of Dharmakaya in Mahayana Buddhism?


Sunil K. Bhattacharjya

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with reference to the above discussion,it is said in Padmapurana
that'mayavadam astsastram praccanna bauddhamishyate!
mayaiva kathitam devi kalau brahmanarupina!!.

There are two view points about the creation.One is "satkaryavada"and the
other is "Asatkaryavada".
Adwaita holds "satkaryavada",where as Buddhism holds,"asatkaryavada".Both
use the term Maya to explain the appearances.In Adwaita,only the
appearance of an object is unreal(Mithya).A neklace is made from Gold,but
is not different from Gold.Like wise, a nacre is not silver,a rope is not
a serpent.In Adwaita,only the appearance is unreal(Mithya).It is not in
reality(Ya ma sa Maya-that which is not,or miyate anena iti Maya-that
which  is measured=a measurement always involves an error).Compared to
rope or nacre,a sepent appearance or a silver appearance is a
But,BuDdhism is based on Mayavada.There is no substratum (adhara)for an
appearance like an mirage,or the plant of a banana(kadaligarbhavat-in
which there is no core as it is stripped or like an onion).It is based on
To know exactly what is the difference between Adwaita and Buddhism one
has to study very carefully,the "Khyati badhavicara"of these systems.

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