[Advaita-l] Samskaras and Vasanas and sanchita karma

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Fri Nov 5 06:37:13 CDT 2010

What is the difference between samskaras and vasanas ? 
Where is the sanchita-karma (in some suitable "seed" form presumably) stored, 
given that it lies dormant for the duration of this entire birth ? What is the 
difference between samskaras and the sanchita karmas. Both are created by our 
actions in previous births ?
A karma done in a previous birth needs a Conscious All-knowing Principle for it 
to fructify in another birth. This 'fructification is not automatic, since karma 
is inert. So explains Adi Shankara in the kenopanishad vakya bhashya. Can anyone 
give greater elaboration on this role of Ishwara as the karma-phala-adhyaksha ? 
The phrase 'gahanaa-karmano-gatih" (parapharaseable as : deep/unfathomable are 
the ways and workings of karma)  in Gita, I submit, should be only sparingly 
quoted and used. It is unfortunately used all too often to avoid answering 
probing questions on karma. 

Raghav Kumar 

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