[Advaita-l] Adwaita and caste system.

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Sri Gurubhyon Nahama
                                    One cannot merely call the society civilized 
based on the decorum or the outwward apperances, it is a totally false 
observation. Ayodhya was not made of gold while Lanks was, so would it mean that 
lankans and ravana were more civilized than the people and king of Ayodhya. What 
you are calling civilization are probably man discovering things that satisfy 
his senses, while losing the real essence of what he needs to have.

Sri Kamakshi

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Dear Sri Kamakshi Raghav,
In my statement,"As the society became more and more civilized",I was only
referring to the general decorum and civilization one is expected to
observein our offices or outside.Have we become Barbarians and descended
to the low level of Rack age men?
Bhava Shankara desika me Sharanam.                                      

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