[Advaita-l] Adwaita and God.

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Dear Srikantaji,

I just pointed out what Patanjali said "the Vachaka of Ishvarais OM" and probably Adi Sankara's guru, who is believed to be an incarnation of Patanjali, might have said so to his disciples too. If you think that Patanjali's yoga is basically different from what is in the Bhagavad Gita my request will be that kindly let us agree to disagree. It is nice to note your view that Patanjali was wrong in saying  that "the Vachaka of Ishvara is OM". In my  understanding Patanjali gave the vachaka "OM" for the Yogis to concentrate on that so that the yogi can escape from the clutch of the Prakriti. Hope you will agree that Lord Krishna talked about the eight Prakritis etc. Upto that level of Yoga was in the scope of Patanjali.  Patanjali did not say whether the freed Purushas remain wirth the Ishvara as such or become one with the Ishvara. I understand that the higher knowledge that the individual purushas were not different from Ishvara was left to the higher
 level, ie. the Vedanta. Hope you will agree thyat the Samadhi state in Patanjali's Yoga is not different from the state of Turiya.


Sunil K. Bhattacharjya.

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Dear sunil Bhattacharyaji,
In the Bhagawadgita,Sri Krishna,says,"Jnanayogena sankhyanam,Karmayogena
Yoginam".Here,He means Snkhya and karma yoga,and not Patanjali Yoga as you
have written.Karmayoga means doing one's Karma,rituals.Further,you say
Ishwara is OM.This is not correct.According to Mandukya Upanishad,the
fourth state or the "Turiya"is designated the symbol,"OM".The Upanishad
begins with,"Omithi Ekaksharam".Acharya gaudapada and Shankara in their
Karikas and commentary has clearly explained that the "Ishwara"or
"Pragnya"belongs to the third state.Whereas,the fourth state is "Turiya"
or "Brahman".That is the uniqueness about Vedanta.The other systems stop
with "Ishwara"or the creator,but,the Vedanta or BrAHMAVADA TRANSCENDS


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