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Dear friends,

While the experts will respond to the query may I add an additional query by asking is it not that generally theĀ  "Vichara" (ie. the preview} comes first and then comes he "Prakriya" (ie. the activity)) and then at the last step comes the "Pariksha" (ie. the review).


Sunil K. Bhattacharjya

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Dear List Members,


namo namaH |

When it comes to avasthAtraya, I have seen the following expressions:

avasthAtraya vicAra,

avasthAtraya prakR^iyA and recently in the messages of the list,

avasthAtraya parIkShA.


Are all those expressions exact synonyms?

In French, we use to say that no word/expression is really an exact synonym of another word/expression ant that it is always worth to try to discrimininate between seeming synonyms.

Should be grateful for comments.



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