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Dear Shrikantaji,

Lord Krishna says Sankhya and Yoga should not be thought of as two and the scholar Adi Sankaracharya, who elucidated the Bhagavad Gita. knew that very well. He also knew that Yoga says that the Vaachaka of Isvara is "OM". In what way do you think that Sankhya then did not believe in Ishvara. Upanishad says "Neti Neti" (or not this, not this)  and that means that Ishvara is not an object that one can know and point out saying this is Brahman and the Sankhya says the same thing differently as Ishvara cannot be proved and point out and say "this is Isvara". Everything is Brahman (OM) and this not different from Ishvara (OM). Please do not attempt to show that Ishvara is Saguna Brahman and so is different from Nirguna Brahman and for this reason the above argument does not hold. Patanjali, who preceded Adi Sankaracharya made that problem disappear by saying that the Vaachaka of Ishvara is OM. Sarvan khalvidam Brahma and who understood it better than Adi

Due to Adi Sankaracharya being a genious he understood Lord Buddha well despite so many Buddhist logiicians having distorted the original cocept of Shunyata in Buddhism.  I do not consider Yamunacharya, who was the first to call Adi Sankaracharya as "Pracchanna Buddha", at par with Adi Sankaracharya. Etymologically Shunya means one that expands and become invisible. The nearest example I can say is that when one evaporates water it (water) disappears as it  spreads but does not cease to exist. The great scientist Eddington showed that the World will not exist if even one single atom is taken away from it. Lord Vishnu is Shunya as he spreads the entire creation and one cannot really describe his attributes. Le us try to understand the concepts and not get upset by the limitations of the written words.


Sunil . Bhattacharjya

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Dear Sunil Bhattacharjee

You say according to Sankhya system,'Ishwara is asiddha".Is it not true?We
know the existence of Ishwara only through the vedas.But,Sankhya system is
not considered as "avaidik",just like Vaisheshika or other nonvaidik
philosophies.That is why Shankara didnot tookit upon itself for the
establishment of a personal God called Ishwara,but,engaged himself in
showing the vedas in the new light than the other thinkers.Shankara in his
major portion of his bhashyas has not bothered to show the existence of
Ishwara,but has shown the existence of Brahman,that is "Tatvamasi",or
"Aham Brahmasmi",'Sarvam khalu idam Brahma"Atmaivaidam sarvam"etc.That is
why he declares,Brahma satyam jagan mithya,jivo Brahmaiva naparah!.There
are many sentences in his Brahmasutrabhashya and other bhashyas,to prove
that he never held a personal God as Ishwara.That is why he is considered
as an atheist or praccanna Bauddha by other later schools as
Vishhishtadwaitins and dwaitins.
Regards,                                               N.Srikanta.

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