[Advaita-l] Adwaita and caste system.

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Sri Gurubhyon Namaha
                                      "Iam only trying to say that as the 
society became more and more civilized"
Have we really become more civilized than what we were????????

Sri Kamakshi

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Dear Sunil Bhattacharjee.
Iam not trying to establish chronologically the dates of Manu smrthi or
Yanjnavalkya smrthi.I am just pointing out that the social order which was
there in the earlier smrthis have been replaced by other smrthis at later
times,because of the compulsion of social order.For example the
Yajnavalkya smrthi says,"a Brahmin can marry from a Brahmain,kshtriya and
Vaishya kanyas(all from the these three varnas).Is it possible in kaliyuga
at these times.Similarly,a can a widow beget a progeny from the brother of
her deceased husband,without a social stigma attached to her?In olden days
even Nambuthris had such a system,which has been abolished in modern
times.Iam only trying to say that as the society became more and more
civilized,many practices have been given up.That is all.Iam not entering
into a debate on the basis of chronology,as the scholars differ in their
views regarding Mahabharatha,Ramayana,Manu smrthi or Yanjnavalkya smrthi.
Regards,                                            N.Srikanta.

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