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Mon May 31 12:18:43 CDT 2010

The examples of panchami you have given are correct and used widely in
literature. I believe these are obtained by adding the तसि taddhita
suffix that's described in Panini sutra 4.3.114. To quote from Shri
Abhyankar's dictionary on Sanskrit grammar:
तसि (I) a taddhita affix तस् showing direction by means of a thing
e.g. वृक्षमूलतः, हिमवत्तः cf Kashika 4.3.114 and 4.3.115
(2) taddhita affix तस् applied in the sense of the ablative case and
substituted for the ablative case affix; e.g. ग्रामतः, अागच्छति, चोरतः
विभेति; sometimes the affix is applied instead of the instrumental or
the genitive case also. e.g वृत्ततः न व्यथते for वृत्तेन न व्यथते;
देवा अर्जुनतः अभवन्, for अर्जुनस्य पक्षे अभवन् cf. Kashika 5.4.44-49


On Sun, May 30, 2010 at 10:11 AM, V Subrahmanian
<v.subrahmanian at gmail.com> wrote:
> Namaste.
> Here are a few usages in the panchami:
> (गृहात् ) गृहतः आगत्य कार्यालयं गच्छति  - Having come from home he goes to
> the office.
> (शालायाः) शालातः निःसृत्य क्रिडार्थं व्रजति - Exiting from the school he
> goes for playing.
> (आत्मनः) आत्मतः प्राणः, आत्मतः.... - This is a Shruti passage saying 'from
> Atman PrAna originated, etc.'
> (सूत्रात्)    सूत्रतः उद्धृतपदानि एतानि - These are words taken out from the
> sUtra.
> (तत्त्वात् )  तत्त्वतो भिन्नाः ...- Essentially distinct/different
> In the above sentences the panchami is used in a way different from the
> conventional usages shown in brackets.  Are such usages perfectly correct?
> Is there any rule governing such usages?  Are there exceptions or is it that
> one can use them everywhere?
> Though this is not strictly Advaita-specific, I request learned members to
> clarify.
> Regards,
> subrahmanian.v
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