[Advaita-l] A Peep into the Patanjali System

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Dear Bhskarji,


In schools it is taught that Atom is the smallest particle of matter but at higher level one is taught about the subatomic particles and at still higher level a student knows about the equivalence of matter and energyu. So also in Indian philosophy the six darshanas are in stepwise progress and all the darshanas are correct at the level they are  meant to be taught. Sankhya Sutra says Ishwara is asiddha ie. the existence of Ishwara cannot be proved (and that is why Sankhya would not take it into consideration in its treatment). But nowhere Sankhya said that Ishwara is not there. Then it is left to Yoga to bring in Ishwara. Yoga leaves it to Veda to tell us about the beings higher than us (ie. the 33 devas) and ultimately the Vedanta tells us that all beings (sub-human. human and the super-human beings) are no different from Brahman.) Adi Sankaracharya very well knew all these but we the lwesser people have our doubts.  BTW do you agree with Tilak that
 one verse of Sankhya-karika is missing, which he reconstructed.


Sunil K. Bhattacharjya

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However if  one looks at between the lines Sankhya and Yoga taken together 
one would find that they are not dualistic.

Hare Krishna

IMO sAnkhya & yOga as said in shruti & smruti texts like geeta is vedAntic 
& non-dualistic...But popular darshana-s like kapila praNeeta sAnkhya mata 
& pAtanjala yOga are quite dualistic in its doctrine.  As you know, 
shankara refutes this sAnkhya theory through pradhAna malla nibarhaNa 
nyAya.  More importantly for sAnkhya philosophy kevala anumAna is the 
pramANa & they would not consider veda as the valid antima pramANa for 
their tattva pratipAdana.  Due to time constraints, I cannot go into the 
detailed comparison of kapila sAnkhya and Advaita vedAnta...You may hear 
more on this from our Sri Subbu prabhuji, who has sufficient time to 
clarify these things in a detailed way.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
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