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Sri Gurubhyon Namha
                                  My conception is that Sri Shankara is Shiva Avtara, but if you were to even regard him as guru then he is an equivalent of god will not the same statement of vigraha apply to him. Please let me know.

Sri Kamakshi

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>Any prathima
that is bigger than your angushtam requires special poojas, the bigger 
the >prathima the greater the procedure, please keep that in mind when 
you install vigrahas at >home, as this can cause trouble to you and your 
dear ones if proper procedure is not >followed, instead have that 
installed in a temple that you go often not only you others can >also be benefitted. 

That is vigraha-s of devata-s and other divine beings. I don't think that applies to statues of humans.

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