[Advaita-l] yadA carmavat & BGB 13.2

Murali Karamchedu murali_m_k at msn.com
Mon May 10 17:49:18 CDT 2010

Dear Sri Shyam,

>The reference is to the famous quotation in the Shve. Up. "yada 
>charmavadakasham veshtayishyanti maanavah..." - which simply means that only 
>when man can figure out how to roll up this entire expanse of space like he 
>would roll up a leather-skin, can there be an end to samsara without knowledge 
>of the Lord.

Thank you. A lovely figure of speech to indicate utter impossibility. (Much 
better than the modern 'when hell freezes over').

And, as I see the logic of the acharya's explanation; with this he addresses the 
'bandha-mokSa taddhetu Sastra anarthakya prasanga' of the objection.

Murali Manohar

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