[Advaita-l] GYAnimAtra and the sthitapraGYa (was Re: FW: Avidya, Jnanis and SSS' views)

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On Fri, May 7, 2010 at 6:16 PM, Shyam <shyam_md at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Dear Subbu-ji
> Namaskarams.
> In his treatise Aparoksha anubhuti Shankara asserts thus: Blessed dhanyaah
> indeed are those who at first know(vijaananti) the (self as) Brahman AND
> having known (jnatva), develop it more and more (vardhayanti). The usage of
> the term vijanati clearly indicates a Self-knower – someone who has clearly
> discerned the Self from the non-Self.
> Your views regarding prarabdha and mukti find poignant represention in
> these verses from the same text:
> O Enlightened One (Mahadyute) pass your time ever ENGAGED in
> Self-Contemplation (Atmanam satatam jaanan kaalam naya) whilst EXPERIENCING
> Prarabdha (prarabdham-akhilam bhunjan); it does not befit you to be
> perturbed (udvegam kartum na arhasi)
> Hari OM
> Shri Gurubhyo namah
> Shyam

Pranams Shyam ji,

The 'upadesha panchatnam' of the Acharya, in the  last verse too speaks in
the same tenor:

एकान्ते सुखमास्यतां परतरे चेतः समाधीयतां
पूर्णात्मा सुसमीक्ष्यतां जगदिदं तद्बाधितं दृश्यताम् ।
प्राक्कर्म प्रविलाप्यतां चितिबलान्नप्युत्तरैः श्लिष्यतां
प्रारब्धं त्विह भुज्यतां अथ परब्रह्मात्मना स्थीयताम् ॥

Resort to solitude and dive deep into the Atman.  Perceive the Immanent Self
and determine the world sublating in It.  Having burnt the past karma
through knowledge and not getting attached to the ones of the future, thru
discrimination, experience the prArabdha here itself and thereafter remain
established as the Para Brahman.

Best regards,


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