[Advaita-l] GYAnimAtra and the sthitapraGYa (was Re: FW: Avidya, Jnanis and SSS' views)

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Thu May 6 22:29:59 CDT 2010

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> Dear Karthik,
> The quote from the JMV (see below) clearly says that the
> akRtopaasti, with
> aparoksha jnAnam *does have real, liberating, Jnana and

Can you please provide the exact verse from the JMV that says that the akR^itopAsti with aparokSha GYAna (GYAnimAtra) is a *** mukta ***? The verse that is quoted below only says that they have saMyak-GYAna, certainly nothing about "liberation". If anything, note the last line about how they are affected by prArabdha karma - can this be called mukti?!

> इदानीन्तनास्तु
> प्रायेण अकृतोपास्तय
> एव औत्सुक्यमात्रात्
> सहसा विद्यायां
> प्रवर्तन्ते ।
> वासनाक्ष्य-मनोनाशौ च
> तात्कालिकौ
> सम्पादयन्ति । तावता
> श्रवणमनननिध्यासनानि
> निष्पाद्यन्ते । 
> तैश्च
> दृढाभ्यस्तैरज्ञान-संशय-विपर्
> ययनिरासात्
> *तत्त्वज्ञानं
> सम्यगुदेति *। 
> उदितस्य ज्ञानस्य
> बाधकप्रमाणाभावात्
> निवृत्ताया
> अविद्यायाः
> पुनसुत्पत्तिकारणाभाच्च
> *नास्ति तस्य शथिल्यम्*
>> *वासनाक्ष्य-मनोनाशौ
> तु दृढाभ्यासाभावात्
> भोगप्रदेन प्रारब्धेन
> तदा तदा
> बाध्यमानत्वाच्च
> सवातप्रदेशदीपवत्सहसा
> निवर्तते *।
> Nowadays men rush in quest of Jnana,  out of sheer
> curiosity, in most cases
> even without going through the preliminary stage of
> upasana.  *They even
> reach the stage of obliteration of vasana and the
> dissolution of the mind
> for the time being*, and in consequence, study,
> contemplation and
> assimilation (of the VEdanta) are also fully accomplished
> by repeated
> application to these three; ignorance, doubt and false
> perception are
> demolished; *and real Jnana is achieved*.  In the
> absence of a more powerful
> means to counteract it and of any cause which can
> resuscitate the ignorance
> dispelled by it, *the resultatnt Jnana does not
> fade.*  *But then the
> obliteration of vasana and the dissolution of the mind are
> easily
> extinguished*, like a lamp exposed to the breeze, for want
> of steady
> application and in consequence of being influenced, from
> time to time, by
> the fruit-bearing previous karma.
> [translation complete]


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