[Advaita-l] Hare Krsna & Advaita Vedanta

savithri devaraj savithri_devaraj at yahoo.com
Sun May 2 22:30:36 CDT 2010

> Very admirable outlook!  Your "job" as it were is to
> express your understanding. You should not feel ashamed or
> apologetic for holding honestly held views.  Only thing
> is if you are persuaded that some view of your is in error,
> then you should be willing to change your mind.
> And that applies to all sides.  For instance when I
> asked about adhikarins it was not a "aha got you!" verbal
> trap.  I am genuinely interested in what Swami
> Sacchidanandendra Saraswati has to say.  Although given
> the evidence presented so far I suspect he is wrong on some
> of the subjects under discussion, his intelligence and
> scholarship are too great to simply dismiss out of hand.

It is not correct to suspect Swami Satchidanandendra Saraswathi was wrong seeing the defense from his disciples.  Each one is limited in his/her comprehension and expression. Speaking for myself, I have severe limitations for a full fledged study, and I am not qualified to speak of his works. Bhaskar, on the other hand, is doing a wonderful job responding to the threads with what little time he has. One should study and decipher this on their own in my opinion before they come to a conclusion.



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