[Advaita-l] A Vichara on the terms 'Avidya' and 'Maya' Part 1

V Subrahmanian v.subrahmanian at gmail.com
Sun May 2 04:08:11 CDT 2010

On Sun, May 2, 2010 at 1:11 PM, Br. Pranipata Chaitanya
<pranipata at hotmail.com> wrote:

> In lighter vein, there is no anuktam, niruktam or duruktam in bAshya that I am in need of someone's essay.

For such a sarvajna as you, there was no need to have raised a
question in the first place.  jijnAsa is for those who are not yet
sure about the tattva.  There is no need for you to be in a discussion

Your questions/objections revealed the depth (?) of your understanding
of the sutra bhashya prompting me to direct you to those essays.  I am
sure, if you had read them in the first instance, you would not have
raised those objections.  You would have found everything samyaguktam
and remained silent.

On an aside note, as Shri Vidyashankar Sundaresan had suggested a few
days ago, why don't you write an essay refuting mine and give your
anuktAdi-dosha rahita understanding?   Members will have the benefit
of being exposed to another, perhaps the correct, understanding of the
Acharya's Bhashya-s.

Best wishes,

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