[Advaita-l] Avidya, Jnanis and SSS' views

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Sat May 1 11:25:09 CDT 2010

>From : H.N.Sreenivasa Murthy
Pranams to all.

Sri Subramanian wrote :

             "Personally, I am yet to find Bhashya reference for sadyomukti.
             Consistently, the Acharya comments on shruti/smriti/sutra on
             destroying karma, prArabdha, etc. by emphatically admitting
              jivanmukti, as I showed a sample of such instances recently. I
              like to be informed about His admitting sadyomukti by the

Dear Sri Subramanian,

I am herewith  furnishing two quotations of Sri Shankara from his
commentaries on SADYOMUKTI :

(1)* Atmaj~JAnaM sadyOmuktikAraNam *||

             [Brahmsutraa: 1-1-12]

 (2) *na hi sadyOmuktiBAjAM samyagdarSananiShThAnAM*

*gatiH agatirvA kvacit asti* ||

             [ Bhagavadgita: chapter 8 –Sloka 24]

These two passages should be enough.

Will you kindly tell mumukshus like me how sadyomukti can be had by
detailing the methodology required for it . We are overfull with avidya,maya
etc. etc from recent postings. At the same time We are starving also.  Now
we need vidya to remove that hunger due to starvation. You are are requested
to feed us with vidya.


Sreenivasa Murthy

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