[Advaita-l] A 'vichAra' on the terms ?avidyA? and ?mAyA? - Part 2

Jaldhar H. Vyas jaldhar at braincells.com
Sat May 1 02:41:20 CDT 2010

On Fri, 30 Apr 2010, kman wrote:

> V Subrahmanian ji, I am a beginner so please bear with me.
> I have a question about Maya and avidya.
> When an Apple falls down from a tree, I do not know why it falls down.
> My avidya is cleared after studying Newton's law and understanding gravity
> is the reason.
> So can I call Gravity is same as avidya?

When you study Einsteins theories Newtonian gravity is! :-)

Note that regardless of which theory you subscribe to, the apple still 
falls.  What changes is the perspective of the observer.

Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar at braincells.com>

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