[Advaita-l] Guru lakshaNa and Sishya lakshaNa

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# 5
je.n vedaa.nche abhyaa.ntarii.n. te.n kaaDhuuna apatyaaparii .
shishhyashravaNii.n kavaLa bharii. ud{}gaaravachane.n .. 17..
Meaning – Knowledge of veda resides in uaniShada.  A sdguru takes it our and feeds it to the individuals, just like parents feed small children by making little bites of food so that the tiny mouth can handle it.  Here, it is ability of guru to recognize the handling capacity of shiShya is illustrated.
veda shaastra maahaanubhaava. paahaataa.n yekachi anubhava .
tochi yeka gururaava. aikyaruupe.n .. 18..
Meaning – May that be Veda, shaastra, or enlightened individuals, the core understanding within all of this is always the same.  Knowledge through experience of a sadguru and the so called knowledge of vedic sages as dR^iShTaa are same.  One find all of this in a sadguru.
sa.ndeha niHsheshha jaaLii .. svadharma aadare.n pratipaaLii .
vedavirahita TavaaLii. karuu.ncha neNe .. 19..
Meaning – Sadguru completely irradiates all doubts from the very root of it so that they (doubt) never surfaces again.  Sadguru does not express anything other than his aatmaj~naana (self knowledge).
je.n je.n mana a.ngikaarii. te.n te.n svaye.n mukta karii .
to guru navhe, bhikaarii\-. jhaDe aalaa .. 20..
Meaning – A sadgur is supposed to be “jiivana mukta”, “unbound to attachments” but this does not mean that he has the license to speak as he pleases.  Here, Ramdas Swami illustrates the point through an analogy of an animal, who opens his mouth whenever he pleases.  If you find someone like that then he is nothing more than a beggar.  A sadguru does not have the desire to indulge in satisfying his senses of pleasure, just like an animal !
shishhyaasa na lavitii saadhana. na karavitii i.ndriye.ndamana .
aise guru aaDakyaache tiina. miLaale tarii tyajaave .. 21..
Meaning – A guru who does not teach his disciples how to remain pure and observe self-control though his own example, is not a sadguru.  Such self proclaimed guru’s are dime a dozen (aDkaa was the smallest denomination of currency during that time in that region.). If you find them stay away from them.
jo koNii dnyaana bodhii. samuuLa avidyaa chhedii .
i.ndriye.ndamana pratipaadii. to sad{}guru jaaNaavaa .. 22..
Meaning  - One who propagates how to destroy the process that leads to false knowledge, imparts this to his disciples, teaches them self control is a sadguru.
yeka dravyaache vikile. yeka shishhyaache aakhile .
atiduraashene.n kele. diinaruupa .. 23..
Meaning – Some guru, pretend as sadguru.  They out of desire for monetary gains go along with disciples, and fall prey to desires and become helpless themselves.
je.n je.n ruche shishhyaamanii.n. taisiicha karii manadharaNii .
aisii kaamanaa paapiNii. paDalii gaLaa.n. 24..
Meaning – Some “guru’s”get so much engrosses with their disciples that they anything & everything for them just to please them. This is because of the “paapiiNi vaasanaa” (a desire that leads to prompt such behavior).  One can understand if a disciple is like that but when a “guru” supports this how can there be any liberation (parmaartha)?  
jo guru bhiiDasaaru. to addhamaahuuna addhama thoru .
choraTaa ma.nda paamaru. dravyabho.ndu .. 25..
Meaning – A guru who fall prey this type of situation “shSya pleasing Syndrome”,  are lowest of the low.  Such guru’s should be termed as thieves with passion for money, cruel and adhama. All cursing for them are inadequate. 


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