[Advaita-l] A note on ‘Avidya lesha’ 'अविद्यालेशः’ (Part 3) Concluded

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This is to indicate some corrections.  They are shown in [  ] below.

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> Continued from Part 2
> A possible objection on the concept of ‘avidyA lesha’:
> some time….’.  So, even in ChitsukhAcharya’s scheme what is termed ‘avidyA
> lesha’ is only this mithyAjnAna (vapreeta grahaNa)
[vipareeta grahaNa]

> that Shankaracharya has stated and nothing different.
And [even] to say that this element is a ‘lesha’ of mUlAvidyA is perfectly
> in order, non-contradictory to the Bhashyam and therefore not at all
> defective.
> Here is some material that could be read on the topic of 'avidya lesha':


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