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Dear Member
In my opinion the jiva has no free will.What the jiva thinks as its decisions are out of its own free will is all  maya.In fact the vasanas of previous births are responsible for one`s final decision and action.Just like -just an example to understand the thought process-gravity controls all objects on the earth but objects act differently yet subject to the gravitational force-jivas act differently controlled by their vasanas though think that it is their free will.R.Krishnamoorthy.

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> PranAm Anbu Sivam,
> please excuse my late answer. 
> Sri Vidyasankar gave to me the answer about the qualities from the 
> student. I am not sure if the student will have the qualities from 
> the very beginning or if he has to earn some of them while 
> studying. But before I go on to ask, I will look for the commentary 
> of Shankara when I stay in India in July. 
> At the moment I think there is free will, but some time ago there 
> was a discussion on the free will by some members of this list. 
> Their discussion confused me a little. Sri Vidyasankar is right, I 
> am just a beginner of this philosophy and some parts I didn´t 
> understand till now. So I placed the question before the learned 
> members of this list. If there is free will, no explanation is 
> needed. But when you give a negative answer to the free will, the 
> question arise, who takes the decision to become a student. The 
> same question arise to all aspects where  a decision has to be 
> done. But I didn´t have an answer to this question. Who takes the 
> decision to become a student, if not the student ( aham) himself?
> Thanking you 
> Andreas
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