[Advaita-l] What causes samsara?

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Mon Mar 29 07:06:44 CDT 2010

V Subrahmanian wrote:

>I have for long wondered why in some places Shankaracharya has clubbed
>the Naiyayika
>and the Bauddha for refutation.  He has also called them:
>ardha-vainAshikaH and pUrNa-
>vainAshikaH respectively.
>Could you let us have your thoughts on this?  While the Bauddha holds
>the naiyAyika does not.  So, where is the close parallel between them?
>Is it only
>on the basis of asat-kAryavAda?

That could be the case. One more reason could be found by studying both systems.

I have not studied Buddhist texts in detail but here is what I could gather. 

The Bauddha mata has been labeled vainAshika which means it teaches nonexistence

and destruction. The vaisheShika doctrine is sometimes criticized as ardha-vainAshika. 

The Bauddha mata, for example Dignaga's influential work PramANasamuchchaya, speaks

of svalakShaNa, a particular characteristic, something that is unique, and is experienced

in pratyakSha, direct perception. One may claim that in similar fashion, the VaisheShika 

system speaks of the category of visheSha as the ultimate difference that exists 

between atoms. The nyAya system closely follows the vaisheShika system, except that

the new school of navya nyAya does not recognize visheSha as a category. 



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