[Advaita-l] Karma, Prarabdha and Destiny

Hitanshu hits.subs at gmail.com
Sun Mar 28 04:53:24 CDT 2010

Dear learned members.

I have been reading Vedanta for quite some time...

There are two questions that come to my mind, on which I would request your

1) We all talk about good and bad karma, but I have always found the
definition of good and bad karma highly controversial.... I understand karma
comes from volition... but how exactly is one to determine what a good or
bad karma is, because specific definition of moral acts is itself is quite

2) Is there some good literature where I can find more elaborate and
objective definition of good and bad karma as propounded by Advaita Vedanta?

3) As i understand, the fruits of our previous karmas is what decides the
events of our present birth... which can be called a form of destiny... to
the extent, it also determines the choices we make..; but many Yogis,
including Swami Vevekananda, say that we should use our conviction and free
will to create our own destiny...How does Vedanta explain the relatonship
b/w prarabdha, and our free will to rise above our previous karma to take
charge of our destiny... Does Vedanta have any elaborate commentary on this?

Please throw some light on these questions.


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