[Advaita-l] Four AtmA-s from dAsabodha

Shrinivas Gadkari sgadkari2001 at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 27 22:26:02 CDT 2010

I will summarize my understanding, which is inspired by the teachings of 
sadguru shrI aniruddha joshi (bapu) from Mumbai. (Typically I do not like
to reveal name of sadguru on this forum. But this understanding of mine
is straight from the teachings of sadguru shrI aniruddha.)
- I would not take brahmANDa here to mean the entire creation. But an
  aspect of the creation. Then shivAtmA is an aspect of paramAtmA.
- paramAtmA (and hence shivAtmA) is saguNa, nirmalAtmA is beyond
  the guNa-s.
- simply speaking "shiva" means pure. Hence shivAtmA also includes
  saints that have attained very high levels of citta shuddhi.
- bhagavAna (mahA)vishnu and bhagavAna (parama)shiva, for example, are
  two manifestations of paramAtmA. 
One can understand that the jivatma is akin to the pot-space.  How is
ShivAtma, God, shown as something lower than the ParamAtman?

In the Panchadashi of Sri Vidyaranya, the Chapter 6, verses 18 onwards
presents a somewhat similar analogy.

It would be a good mananam exercise to elaborate on the Dasabodha verses in
the light of any commentary that could be there.




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