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You wrote:

"As such, when I quoted the gItA as
saying "hRd-deSe", you replied that heart means the Atman."

What I actually wrote was:

"Mind is the sthalam and the hRth is* Easwara the saguNa Brahman*. It is
also called pundareekam where hRt dwells. "

Bhagavan Ramana wrote "HruthsalE mana:"

Many words in the Geetha have been contentious between Achaaryaas.  Our
friends in this forum have posted the numerous ways in which the word
Aathman can be intrepreted.  Noteworthy is whether it denotes SaguNa Brahman
or NirguNa Brahman.

If it is NirguNa Brahman it is totally adhvitheeyam.

If it is SaguNa Brahman then he is the Aathma of jeeva and jagat.   He then
gets many many names and many many forms.  "ajaayamaanO bahuthaa

Bhagavan Ramana does not confuse anyone by saying that the locale of the 'I'
is in the right.  It does not mean others cannot confuse his contention.
That is what is prakrthi is all about!

Ramana Sathguru Ramanasatguru Ramanasatguru RaayanE!

On Sat, Mar 27, 2010 at 2:35 PM, Vidyasankar Sundaresan <
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> > "It should be perfectly obvious to anyone, from the context, when the
> word
> > "heart" is used to refer to the physical organ and when the word is used
> in
> > a non-literal manner. In my opinion, there is no need to go on and posit
> > another entity, also called heart, non-physical in nature, but still
> > physically
> > located in the body on the right side of the chest. I mean no disrespect
> to
> > Ramana Maharishi here."
> >
> > Sure, You have been labouring hard for a while to say Bhagavan Ramana is
> > wrong.
> >
> > That's OK.
> >
> Dear Sri Anbesivam,
> For whatever it is worth, please see the following.
> From-http://www.realization.org/page/topics/self_inquiry.htm
> Ramana Maharshi sometimes described the heart center as an actual object
> located in
> the right side of the chest, but at other times he said this was an
> oversimplification for
> people who couldn't understand the truth. According to H.W.L Poonja, Ramana
> Maharshi told him:
> When I speak of the 'I' rising from the right side of the body, from a
> location on the right side of the chest, the information is for those people
> who still think that they are the body. To these people I say that the Heart
> is located there. But it is really not quite correct to say that the 'I'
> rises from and merges in the Heart on the right side of the chest. The Heart
> is another name for the Reality and it is neither inside nor outside the
> body; there can be no in or out for it, since it alone is. I do not mean by
> 'Heart' any physiological organ or any plexus or anything like that
> It is not OK to argue on false premises and then ascribe something to
> another person something that he did not say or even imply. Pleasenote that
> I mentioned in an earlier post that textual sources prior to
> the time of Ramana Maharishi do not use the word Heart in the same
> way. Especially not the gItA. As such, when I quoted the gItA as
> saying "hRd-deSe", you replied that heart means the Atman. This is
> not correct either for the gItA or for any of its commentaries. That
> is all from me on this topic. You are welcome to misinterpret, in your
> own unique way, everything that I write.
> Regards,Vidyasankar
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