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Andreas Leitz Murugan2003 at web.de
Fri Mar 26 09:54:53 CDT 2010

PranAm Anbu Sivam,

thank you for your explanation. In the view of studentship it helped me. But the law of karma is the reason for my problems with the free will. How can there be free will, if the actions in the circle of life are ruled completely by karma? 

If all my actions in life were  destined, whenever I have done an action in this life in the impression of free will then it means the idea of a free will is just an illusion of my mind, because the real source of my actions is always karma. I only have the idea of free will because I didnĀ“t remember my previous births and the times when I have to enjoy or to suffer for my previous deeds are unknown to me .

The free will requires freedom ( to do what ever I want) but give the law of karma this freedom? Are there actions in life which are completely new, not touched or influenced by karma from previous lifes? Only then the free will should be possible for new actions, who give birth to new karma. 

Thanking you 

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