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Andreas Leitz Murugan2003 at web.de
Thu Mar 25 10:24:56 CDT 2010

PranAm Anbu Sivam,

please excuse my late answer. 

Sri Vidyasankar gave to me the answer about the qualities from the student. I am not sure if the student will have the qualities from the very beginning or if he has to earn some of them while studying. But before I go on to ask, I will look for the commentary of Shankara when I stay in India in July. 

At the moment I think there is free will, but some time ago there was a discussion on the free will by some members of this list. Their discussion confused me a little. Sri Vidyasankar is right, I am just a beginner of this philosophy and some parts I didn´t understand till now. So I placed the question before the learned members of this list. If there is free will, no explanation is needed. But when you give a negative answer to the free will, the question arise, who takes the decision to become a student. The same question arise to all aspects where  a decision has to be done. But I didn´t have an answer to this question. Who takes the decision to become a student, if not the student ( aham) himself?

Thanking you 

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