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( I noticed a little while ago that this post of mine appeared on the List
truncated, for the second time too.  Hence I am re-posting it in two parts,
hoping it will show up correctly this time.)

Here is a verse, acknowledged by Ramana devotees as a composition of
Bhagavan Himself:


Hridaya Kuhara Madhye Kevalam BrahmaMaatram
Hyahamahamiti Saakshaat Aatma Rupen Bhaati
Hridi Visha Manasa Svam Chinvataa Majjataa Vaa
Pavanachalana Rodhat AatmanishTho Bhava tvam

//Brahman is glowing lustrously in the middle of the cave
of the Heart in the shape of the Self, always proclaiming
‘I am, I am’. Become an Atmanishta, a Self-realised person,
either by making the mind absorbed in the search of the
Self or by making the mind drown itself through control
of the breath.//

Here is a translation of the verse by Sri B.V.Narasimhaswami:


Within the cavity of the heart, pure Brahman, as “I, I”
shines with immediacy as the Self (i.e., as the soul or
inner core of our personality). Therefore either by
seeking the Self, or diving in it, or by means of pranayama
(breath control) let thy mind enter the heart. Take
thy firm stand as Atman (i.e., be firm in Self-realization).

>From the above we understand that according to Bhagavan the word 'hRdayam'
is not referring to the Atman.
(Contd. in Part 2)

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