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Wed Mar 24 23:27:39 CDT 2010

Dear Ravi,
I highly appreciate and support the termination of the discussion thread on 'Swami Nityananda'. 


There is are 100's of URL links that sprout everyday on topics like Swami Nithyananda and my personal opinion is against encouraging such discussions.It is very important that we do not get swayed away by the media articles. We should apply our sense and value system and take an informed decision based on facts. Also, in future request the moderators not to allow postings on such topics both 'favoring' as well as 'against'. 

I feel each of us are capable and smart enough to have the trait that hamsa(swan) has i.e Neera-Ksheera Viveka. the ability of swan to extract milk from water when both are mixed and hence, absorb the good and reject the rest. 

Best regards,



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> Discussions on the recent scandal about Sri Swami Nithyananda are
> taking different directions. And some of the directions it is taking
> are not really appropriate for this list. Hence, moderators have
> decided to close this thread.
> Before posting accusations that are unverifiable and hearsay with no
> credible evidence (such as those in Satish's recent post), please
> consult with the moderators.
> Members can, however, continue the other useful discussions such as,
> * adhikaari lakShaNa
> * aachaarya lakShaNa
> * sannyaasa dharma
> under separate subject headings. If you would like to protest this
> decision, please send your opinion to listmaster at advaita-vedanta.org
> and not to the entire list.
> Thanks in advance for your kind cooperation.
> On behalf of the list administrators,
> Ravi


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